Springtime with Miss Hero Holliday

Posted on 19 Apr 19:11 , 0 comments

We recently launched our colourful new Springtime 2017 collection and managed to get the lovely Miss Hero Holliday on board to review a few items!

Here's a snapshot of the collection:

Springtime collection items

I'm a big fan of retro and reproduction vintage styles and Miss Hero Holliday is one of my favourite bloggers and style icons! The reason I decided to approach her was because of her bright and colourful outfits and fab accessorising. I was super excited when she agreed to get on board and asked her to pick a few pieces from the new collection and from the wider shop.

From left to right: Honey Pot Enamel Pin, Bee Brooch, Chu Totoro Brooch, Honey Pot Necklace.

As a fellow Ghibli fan, her choice from the wider store was our Chu Totoro Brooch (back in stock soon!) 

Miss Hero Holliday modelling our Chu Totoro brooch

Read the whole review here: https://missheroholliday.com/2017/04/18/springtime-collection-glitterbomb/

Shop the Springtime collection here: https://www.glitterbombjewellery.co.uk/collections/springtime

- Elise