Copies aren't cool.

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You may have seen our recent social media posts regarding our UNICORNZZZ necklace which has been copied by Claire's. I felt I couldn't keep quiet on this because the issue affects so many others and deserves to be exposed. This isn't new, and it's becoming increasingly common practice. There have been some big cases of intellectual property theft by big fashion retailers; remember Tatty Devine's spat with Claire's? And then last Summer we witnessed the media storm around Tuesday Bassen's conflict with Zara.

Our original design:

Claire's copy:

I think i'd be less annoyed if the copies were actually good.

Our unicorn is one of our oldest designs, originally created back in May 2013. Since then I've spent countless hours assembling and sending them to hundreds of new owners all across the world. It's been featured on blogs including our current homepage feature with stylepeaches and included in giveaways. I've loved seeing photos of customers wearing it and watching people swoon over it at conventions. I wear my own constantly; it's cute, bold and the little details add that extra sparkle I love so much. Which makes this incident all the more upsetting. It's a design that's close to my heart.

stylepeaches modelling our unicorn necklace

We shop with small businesses because we want to support creative individuals and encourage the production of unique designs. Most of all, we want to buy something fresh, different and high quality. But that all goes out the window when a large retailer decides to take something that isn't theirs and create mass-produced, low quality copies.

Unfortunately for me, and countless other small businesses, there is little I can do because I simply don't have the resources. But there's something I'd like you to do. Check out Etsy and dig around to find small businesses that make products in the style you love. Your support means a lot to us. 

- Elise

You can buy the original UNICORNZZZ necklace here