Sugar Coated Unicorns collaboration collection

Posted on 28 Aug 20:00 , 0 comments

Back in June this year, I stumbled across an amazing illustration on Tumblr of a couple of gem-encrusted pastel seashells. After browsing through the author's blog - Sugar Coated Unicorns - I saw that the owner, Zoe, was also a Glitterbomb fan and owned some jewellery and our Alpaca Rainbow dress! I thought this was too good to be true, having thought about doing a collaboration collection beforehand, so I sent a cheeky Tumblr message asking if she'd considered turning her illustrations into jewellery...

Two months later, here we are! Most of Zoe's illustrations have stayed just as they were, and I had a play around with a few to create some super cute patterns for clothing. One of my absolute favourite pieces from the collection is the Celestial Ice Cream Girl necklace; the original artwork was a full-body illustration, not ideal for jewellery, but I couldn't let it go unused! After some jiggling around, the end result is a beautiful pastel statement necklace with pink mirrored backing and chunky glitter chain.

You can (and I urge you to) follow Sugar Coated Unicorns on Tumblr and Facebook!

And below you can feast your eyes on the new collection in all it's glory: