Glitterbomb gets a little makeover

Posted on 28 Mar 15:20 , 0 comments

Now, I have tried to take good product photos. I do the best I can, with the abysmal lighting in my apartment and my absolutely hopeless photography skills, but I felt it was about time I got some fresh new photos of some of Glitterbomb's bestsellers. So I enlisted the help of Hannah Webster - a Leeds-based photographer - after seeing her work on Instagram (ah, the power of social media!) and I couldn't be happier with the results!

Take a look for yourself:

There were also a few things I didn't like about the old website; it was all a bit small, a little untidy. So, I gave the design a little overhaul. What I built is (I hope) a much cleaner, crisper and more beautiful website; I certainly hope you all like it! There is still loads of functionality I want to build in and little flourishes I want to apply; including a rebuild of the blog and bespoke designs for some of the core pages. Watch this space - Glitterbomb is getting bigger and better.

- Elise