My Celestial inspiration

Posted on 28 Feb 11:16 , 0 comments

I released the Celestial collection last week and was so amazed with the reaction! With that and the Tea Party collection release, I'm enjoying creating a whole set of related pieces which can be worn together in amazing coordinates!

I find inspiration for jewellery in all sorts of places. For Celestial, I was already thinking about doing more space-inspired pieces (the Planets and Rocket necklaces are two of my favourites!) but wanted to use deeper colours as seen in the night sky, with crystal accents to add some sparkle. I visited the National History museum recently and took the picture below. You can spot Pegasus in the top right! Constellations are not only fascinating from an astronomical point of view, but the mythology tied to them was great to read about. If you received the Glitterbomb email newsletter for the release you might have noticed I featured the constellations used on the Celestial skater dress and wrote a quick description of what they represent!

The biggest influence for Celestial, was some of my lolita wishlist! 

Angelic Pretty's Cosmic Sailor JSK features stars, constellation maps and moons - I love the navy colourway! The Pegasus necklace shown above is probably my favourite piece from the collection. It features a blue Pegasus silhouette with the constellation engraved onto it. I used clear Swarovski crystals for the stars for some extra sparkle. The back is a mirrored silver moon and white cloud - also used in the matching Night Sky hair clip. I'd finish off this coordinate with the silver Star Cluster earrings.

Lief's Celestial JSK is beautiful - it has a blue to black gradient, with glowing stars, moons and constellations. The bright white parts really pop off the dress and are just stunning. I'd love to wear this dress with the Iridescent moon necklace, with it's sparkling centre, it would really bring some attention towards the neckline!

Crystal Dream Carnival is probably *the* dress that really got me into lolita fashion. Whilst the OP is an ultimate dream piece of mine, I would probably never fit into it *weeps*. Angelic Pretty recently released the Premium Set, which I was SO lucky to get my hands on! There are such beautiful gold details on the print, which I like to bring to attention with gold accessories. You can certainly tell the influence of this set in the blue Celestial Princess necklace! Below is my almost-finished coordinate using my premium set and Celestial Princess.

Unfortunately I can't wear lolita every day (and I'm pretty sure people wouldn't appreciate my giant petticoats on the tube during rush hour, anyway). But that wasn't going to stop me from being a Celestial Princess! The Celestial skater dress features moons, stars, clouds and constellations - all the elements in the collection, on a rich blue background. It just so happens to match the Pegasus necklace perfectly! It's also super stretchy and comfy and great for casual wear.

I hope I gave you a little insight into my mind, and maybe inspired some cute coordinates :)

- Elise