My nylon addiction

Posted on 14 Jan 17:41 , 3 comments

I tend to have a few different styles - I love to dress up in lolita, but for work I deck myself out in colourful nylon creations. My two main 'suppliers' are Black Milk Clothing and more recently I discovered the wonders of Poprageous. Black Milk are based in Australia and have a thriving community - with yearly official meetups for fans (called 'Sharkies') as well as various Facebook groups. In addition to their standard range of leggings, dresses, skirts etc. they also have a gym range which I personally love; a bit pricey but - in my opinion - worth every penny. Poprageous are based out of the US and also have a growing online community. Whilst a smaller company, I've been impressed with their quality and customer service so far.

Below is a list of my favourite pieces which are available now, I highly recommend you check both of these companies out, if tight 'n bright clothing is your thing of course!

My own Wonderland wifey top: IT'S PRETTY AMAZING, Y'ALL. Sneaky planets necklace included there, too.

Lots of smaller businesses (myself included!) are getting their artwork printed onto cute dresses and leggings, too. As much as I adore Black Milk, they don't make enough cute pastels for my liking...and so the Alpaca Rainbow skater dress was born! Available to pre-order here.

Cute, huh? ;)

- Elise