Top 8: Bags of 2014

Posted on 02 Jan 18:41 , 0 comments

I have a weakness for bags. Bags and shoes. And obviously jewellery. OK, a lot of accessories. I do like my bags to be a bit different, though. My go-to trusty black bag I use everyday is a lovely 'petrol' patent panelled number, I have a cute bunny-eared backpack, heart-buckled satchel and God knows what else lurking in my wardrobe. Trends I thought restricted to quirky online stores have made it into high street fashion chains recently, so I thought i'd do a little run down of some of my favourite bags of last year.

I had to include the darling gold heart bag from Korean brand Evil Live in my list - I just bought one for myself. As far as I could tell, you can order them through Facebook/email although Google translate was being absolutely useless at translating their blog. So, I bought mine from Atelier Dormir (which comes with the added bonus of being UK-based which means I get my shinies quicker!).

Another favourite is the Unicorn milk bag (because unicorns!) - it also comes in a gorgeous lilac colour so would look totally amazing with our lilac Unicornzzz necklace!

- Elise