MCM and HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market

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This is just a quick recap of the two conventions I did within a month (what was I thinking?) - MCM London and HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market. I've also included some awesome businesses which were exhibiting at HYPER JAPAN which you should totally check out!

MCM London October 2014

MCM was pretty successful and I also had a huge table I got to dress up :)

I also decided to sell my new Tea Party collection before it went online!

HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2014

Whilst the venue was pretty horrid, I got to do this expo with Cassia from Peppermint Puff and the stalls were amazing it was so hard not to spend every penny I made!

The lighting was so bad! We were lucky to get some daylight but considering it's November that meant about 5 good hours. So by Day 2 the lights went up in some attempt to brighten up the stall!


Headpiece: Roxie Sweetheart


I finally made a purchase after trying to make my mind up for months! I really wanted something for my hair to go with my outfit on Saturday and am so glad I bought this magical headpiece! I still want a mermaid necklace...amongst other things.

Bracelet: Moon Bunny


When I heard Moon Bunny were exhibiting, I DIED. Since they are located in Russia, I never thought I'd get to see all their pieces in real life. I can safely say I want EVERYTHING EVER. The detail in their pieces is amazing and they really are beautifully crafted. Obviously I had to get something chocolate-themed for my outfit on Sunday...

YUM necklace: Peppermint Puff


My lovely stall companion makes the cutest beaded and resin jewellery! I already had a ring, 2 bracelets and 2 necklaces from her and decided to add this yummy cupcake necklace to my collection.

Macaron necklace: Sweet & Tiny



Sweet and Tiny make adorable teeny little dessert jewellery. And being the chocoholic I am, I had to get something! I couldn't get a good picture of mine since my fiancé is holding it hostage until Christmas :'( but I got a banoffee macaron necklace! I'm also eyeing up the bag charms for a future purchase...

There were so many other amazing stalls too it definitely made the experience worthwhile!

Thanks for reading :)

- Elise