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Another exhibition, another blog! Two months after MCM came HYPER JAPAN. I decided to test the water with a small stall in the Fringe Market section - a teeny little table at the back of the hall. I was lucky enough to get a spot facing the Fringe stage which meant free and easy to see entertainment all weekend! I have to admit I was definitely not as prepared as I was for MCM! I think I assumed because I had a cheaper, smaller table that meant I wouldn't need half as much stock. Well, I was wrong. But anyway, here's some pictures of my little stall ^-^

I also made a few little resin pieces - they were so fun to make and most of them sold out, so I'll definitely be making more!

Fridays are a lot quieter and a good way to ease yourself in. I spent a lot of time nosing around at some of the other exhibitors, watching karaoke and eating chicken. By the end of the day, I'd sold quite a lot and returned home to make more jewellery! I bought this beautiful blue Alpacasso from LoveJojo and some noms from Tofu Cute!

Saturday was split into two sessions and was a REALLY long day. Despite being super tired, I fueled myself on more chicken, bubble tea and Pocky than any human should need. I spent a fair amount of time making jewellery at the stall to keep up with demand and also posing for photos!

I was also visited by this babe Cassia who runs Peppermint Puff and she came bearing gifts!! I got this adorable ring and a new bracelet ^-^

On Saturday evening I had sold out of loads, had run out of flyers and was running low on bags. So I returned home and made as much jewellery as possible before collapsing!

Sunday arrived and I was too busy and tired for photos D: - after a quiet period of about an hour in the morning, huge surges of people came by and cleared me out of the remainder of the Sailor Moon collection! It was by far the busiest and craziest day and I sold even more than on the Saturday. 

Overall, I loved HYPER JAPAN - not only was it a more successful convention than MCM, I had such a great time! Being infront of the stage was awesome - I really lucked out there - and the food and exhibitors were great. I was definitely less scared of leaving my stall than I was at MCM and got to enjoy the weekend more. Whilst it was exhausting, it was amazingly rewarding and I can't thank my amazing boyfriend enough who really helped me out by manning the stall whilst I worked away making stock or explored the hall.

And finally, a big big thank you to everybody who dropped by over the weekend. If anyone has any pictures of their purchases or me and the stall, tag #glitterbombuk on Instagram or post them on the Facebook page - I'd love to see them! <3

- Elise