MCM London - Glitterbomb ventures into the real world...

Posted on 26 May 11:34 , 0 comments

Since starting Glitterbomb in December 2012, I've focused solely on selling online. It hadn't occurred to me that I could be successful enough to ever sell at a convention until I visited Hyper Japan in 2013 and met Kittie from Electric Sheep who told me it really wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be and encouraged me to give it a go! I was a bit late to the party booking up my place for MCM in May but I managed to grab a centre table in the small hall just before it sold out! I'm useless at remembering birthdays and according to my mother 'couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery' - however, when I'm really excited by or interested in something, my organisation skills go into hyperdrive and stuff like this happens.

Obviously I had no idea what I was doing. So I got out my tape measure, marked up a makeshift table space on my living room floor and starting planning out what stock to take and how to display it. I made myself a giant spreadsheet of doom, detailing every little thing I would need to buy, how much it cost, profit on every item and how much I would need to make to break even. It was pretty terrifying. I actually went through three tablecloths because I wasn't happy with the first two. I had to make it look pretty, right?? So I plunged all of my money in the months leading up to the expo into stock, flyers and table displays. And here it is - the finished stall! Not bad for my first attempt, right?

Friday was quiet and short, which I was happy about as I could ease myself into this selling stuff malarky. Saturday and Sunday were not. Despite the lack of sleep and leg pains, it was brilliant! It was amazing seeing people's reactions to my jewellery - squeaking and pointing at things, exclaiming "IT'S SO CUTE!" and the look of pure joy on their faces. It's impossible NOT to feel happy about that. I get comments online but nothing compares to seeing people genuinely excited in real life. It was also amazing meeting people who had been specifically looking for my stall! And one girl had saved up for a Crystal Star Compact necklace but I'd closed the shop just as she'd gone to buy it (oops) but she'd managed to find me and finally got the piece she'd wanted :)

Unfortunately I didn't get to look around much - I had a wander around the hall in the mornings and had a quick zip around Kawaii Alley on Sunday but I didn't want to abandon my stall for too long. I was lucky enough to be next to some great people too - and was just a table over from Electric Sheep and Kactus Kawaii. I learned a lot about what sells well and actually sold out of a couple of pieces - the Sakura Star Key and Iridescent Unicorn necklaces were really popular! The pixel heart friendship necklaces also sold well along with the planets necklace and everything Totoro! I was really surprised that I hadn't sold that much from the Sailor Moon collection on Saturday but it really turned around on Sunday. So I think I actually learned that people are hard to predict! Hyper Japan in July will probably have different results altogether so my battle plan for that is going to require some extra thought. One thing's for sure - my first expo was a total success and I'll definitely be signing up for October and many more to come :)

- Elise