Glitterbomb is closing Posted on 05 Aug 08:34 , 0 comments

Well, I've been thinking about this for a while and I think it's time to start closing down the main store. There are a few reasons for this decision;

  • I get super sad when I see people ripping off my designs (thanks Claire's), it's hard not to be emotionally invested in a business you've run for 5 years and even harder to accept there's nothing you can do (realistically)
  • I don't make a lot of money from the business; considering the time I spend and the stress it can bring, after I've paid tax it just doesn't seem worth it sometimes
  • The main reason is probably the fact that I no longer have time to effectively run a business and produce new items. Glitterbomb is a one-woman operation (with occasional help from my husband!) and I have a full-time job and am in the process of buying a house which will need a lot of renovation.

It's been a great 5 years, this might not be forever, and I'll be keeping the Etsy store open for a while after our main one has closed to sell off excess stock.


Springtime with Miss Hero Holliday Posted on 19 Apr 19:11 , 0 comments

We recently launched our colourful new Springtime 2017 collection and managed to get the lovely Miss Hero Holliday on board to review a few items!

Here's a snapshot of the collection:

Springtime collection items

I'm a big fan of retro and reproduction vintage styles and Miss Hero Holliday is one of my favourite bloggers and style icons! The reason I decided to approach her was because of her bright and colourful outfits and fab accessorising. I was super excited when she agreed to get on board and asked her to pick a few pieces from the new collection and from the wider shop.

From left to right: Honey Pot Enamel Pin, Bee Brooch, Chu Totoro Brooch, Honey Pot Necklace.

As a fellow Ghibli fan, her choice from the wider store was our Chu Totoro Brooch (back in stock soon!) 

Miss Hero Holliday modelling our Chu Totoro brooch

Read the whole review here:

Shop the Springtime collection here:

- Elise

Copies aren't cool. Posted on 27 Jan 18:28 , 0 comments

You may have seen our recent social media posts regarding our UNICORNZZZ necklace which has been copied by Claire's. I felt I couldn't keep quiet on this because the issue affects so many others and deserves to be exposed. This isn't new, and it's becoming increasingly common practice. There have been some big cases of intellectual property theft by big fashion retailers; remember Tatty Devine's spat with Claire's? And then last Summer we witnessed the media storm around Tuesday Bassen's conflict with Zara.

Our original design:

Claire's copy:

I think i'd be less annoyed if the copies were actually good.

Our unicorn is one of our oldest designs, originally created back in May 2013. Since then I've spent countless hours assembling and sending them to hundreds of new owners all across the world. It's been featured on blogs including our current homepage feature with stylepeaches and included in giveaways. I've loved seeing photos of customers wearing it and watching people swoon over it at conventions. I wear my own constantly; it's cute, bold and the little details add that extra sparkle I love so much. Which makes this incident all the more upsetting. It's a design that's close to my heart.

stylepeaches modelling our unicorn necklace

We shop with small businesses because we want to support creative individuals and encourage the production of unique designs. Most of all, we want to buy something fresh, different and high quality. But that all goes out the window when a large retailer decides to take something that isn't theirs and create mass-produced, low quality copies.

Unfortunately for me, and countless other small businesses, there is little I can do because I simply don't have the resources. But there's something I'd like you to do. Check out Etsy and dig around to find small businesses that make products in the style you love. Your support means a lot to us. 

- Elise

You can buy the original UNICORNZZZ necklace here

Share to win our unicorn pin! Posted on 10 Sep 09:55 , 0 comments

We've gone unicorn crazy with the release of our limited edition colours, iridescent necklace and earrings and now our first enamel pin badge! To celebrate, we're giving 3 lucky winners the chance to win their own unicorn badge. Read below about how to enter.

How to enter

The competition will run on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter from 10th September 2016 until midnight BST, 24th September 2016. You may enter on each social network once a day. There will be one winner for each social network.

Regram this post and tag @glitterbombuk and #glitterbombunicornpin

Retweet this post and @glitterbomb_uk and #glitterbombunicornpin

Share the original Facebook post publicly to your news feed.


Full T&Cs

The competition will run on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter from 10th September 2016 until midnight BST, 24th September 2016. You may enter on each social network once a day. There will be one winner for each social network. See above instructions on how to enter. This competition is available worldwide.

All entries for each social network will be entered into a spreadsheet and a random number generator used to pick a winner. We will be checking to make sure the winner has obeyed the rules of the competition. If the winner is in breach of these rules they will be disqualified and another winner chosen. In the unlikely event the same person wins more than once we will continue to draw winners until a suitable entry is found. We will not accept entries from competition-only accounts.

The Ultimate Unicorn Wishlist Posted on 28 Feb 16:10 , 0 comments

Everybody loves a unicorn. Some of us even want to be one. Well, don't worry - we've got you covered. Here's some of the most magical clothing and accessories we could find!

1. Misty Reins shoes by Irregular Choice. They even come in black, so order us two pairs, please! Get them here.

2. Glitterbomb's own UNICORNZZZ necklaces, available in baby pink with silver glitter stars and horn, or a pretty lilac with mirrored detail. Often imitated, but nothing beats the original. Get your own from our shop:

3. There are lots of fun and colourful socks in high street shops right now (check out New Look, Primark and Topshop) - we love these adorable rainbow unicorn socks from Attitude.

4. Where would a wishlist be without a stunning novelty bag from Skinny Dip? They've wowed us time and time again, but did you say FLOATING GLITTER? They even have a mermaid version in blue. No unicorn-lover can be complete without one of these.

5. Splurge a little with this delicate, gold dipped ring from Dogeared. Sneak it into your work outfit or evening wear for a little understated unicorn magic.

6. New Look have some amazing unicorn gear right now, including this adorable little coin purse

7. Ula the Unicorn from Erstwilder is a cute little brooch made from resin - perfect for your coat collar!

8. Don't stop being magical when you're inside your own house. Keep your feet cosy with some plush unicorn slippers from Think Geek.

9. Another New Look hit - yes, unicorns ARE real - and now you can educate others with this simple but adorable white tee.

10. You know what, maybe you should just become a unicorn.

11. Or just stick with some accessories, that's cool too.

- Elise

Mermaid Must-haves Posted on 31 Oct 21:28 , 0 comments

I've compiled a list of essential items to show your inner mermaid! Pastels, shells and girly goodies from all over the interwebs...

1. Mermaid Seashell Necklace, Glitterbomb
2. Ariel earrings and box 2,916 yen, Disney Store Japan
3. Ironfist Lorelei Peeptoe Platform $78 USD, Dolls Kill
4. Shell Phone Case $38 USD, Valfre
5. Mermaid Off Duty Jumper £18.61, TeesAndTankYouShop, Etsy
6. Mermaid Seashell Crop Top £25, Glitterbomb
7. Ariel Ring 810 yen, Disney Store Japan
8. Diva Mermaid Skater Dress $79 AUD, Living Dead Clothing
9. Barry M Aquarium Nail Polish £3.99, Barry M
10. Silver Shell Bag £30, Skinny Dip
11. Mermaid Headband £20, Crown and Glory

- Elise

Glitterbomb x Sugar Coated Unicorns Launch Giveaway Posted on 04 Sep 18:35 , 42 comments

This is a bit of a joint celebration - not only are we super excited about the amazing new collaboration collection with Sugar Coated Unicorns, we recently reached 4,000 followers over on our Instagram, and are super close to 4,500 fans on Facebook!

The prize is a piece of jewellery of your choice from the new collection! Pick your fave from these amazing pieces:

View the full collection here

To be in with a chance to win, all you have to do is enter using Rafflecopter below; nothing strenuous! The giveaway is open internationally and finishes on 2nd October 2015 - a winner will be announced shortly after. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

Sugar Coated Unicorns collaboration collection Posted on 28 Aug 20:00 , 0 comments

Back in June this year, I stumbled across an amazing illustration on Tumblr of a couple of gem-encrusted pastel seashells. After browsing through the author's blog - Sugar Coated Unicorns - I saw that the owner, Zoe, was also a Glitterbomb fan and owned some jewellery and our Alpaca Rainbow dress! I thought this was too good to be true, having thought about doing a collaboration collection beforehand, so I sent a cheeky Tumblr message asking if she'd considered turning her illustrations into jewellery...

Two months later, here we are! Most of Zoe's illustrations have stayed just as they were, and I had a play around with a few to create some super cute patterns for clothing. One of my absolute favourite pieces from the collection is the Celestial Ice Cream Girl necklace; the original artwork was a full-body illustration, not ideal for jewellery, but I couldn't let it go unused! After some jiggling around, the end result is a beautiful pastel statement necklace with pink mirrored backing and chunky glitter chain.

You can (and I urge you to) follow Sugar Coated Unicorns on Tumblr and Facebook!

And below you can feast your eyes on the new collection in all it's glory:


S/S 2015: Origami and Precious Minerals collections! Posted on 30 May 17:48 , 1 comment

Two new collections go live on 1st June @ 8pm BST; Origami and Precious Minerals.

The Origami collection was inspired by...well...origami! Sleek lines and geometric shapes, including a stunning bird necklace made from a new tortoiseshell acrylic and an adorable origami bunny!

The Precious Minerals collection is all about beautiful gems in stunning jewel tones, glitter and mirrored acrylics and eye catching shapes. There are also some beautiful engraved crystal shard necklace and earring sets in three colours; pure and crystal clear, a soft blue tint or more adventurous neon red/orange. All of them are also UV-reactive!

So, enough talk, check out the new pieces below!

Spring Pastels Posted on 31 Mar 20:06 , 2 comments

Spring is upon us - it might still be cold and a bit wet (thanks, London), but your wardrobe needn't be drab. These are some of my pretty pastel wishlist items!

1. Buffalo Cotton Candy Boots $459 USD, Dolls Kill
2. UNICORNZZZ pink necklace £15, Glitterbomb
3. Crosshatch leather shopper £149,
Ted Baker
4. Melty Castle Sweater £42, Roxie Sweetheart
5. Rainbow collar clips $25.00 USD, sweet and lovely, Etsy
6. Lunchbox bag £79.99, Irregular Choice
7. Kawaii Sex Leggings $80 USD, Poprageous
8. YRU Ballet Bae platform $135 USD, Dolls Kill
9. Japan LA Melty Ice Cream dress $74 USD, Dolls Kill
10. Pastel pink cropped cardigan £9.99, New Look

- Elise